Another government IT blunder?

As the universal credit pilot scheme is about to be launched more details are being revealed. The reasons given for scaling down the plan from 4 areas to 1 seems to be down to taking a sensible, careful approach to the development. However, it has come to light that only single people without disability, children etc. will be allowed on the scheme – basically the simplest form of claimant.

This will only trial the very basic functionality of the IT system, which leads me to question why they are piloting the scheme at all. It is perfectly reasonable to take a cross section of claimants and apply them to the system without piloting, testing a more functional system prior to an official pilot.

It’s all a load of bollocks being rushed in to ‘stop the scroungers’.

The phrase being banded about is ‘making work pay’. Basically pay claimants less so they have to work. Whether they can, or whether there are jobs for these people seems irrelevant to the gov.

I think it is likely that the scheme will fail and be withdrawn on the basis of the complexity – if not the scheme will lead to chaos. Expect another U-turn from this coalition?

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