The Daily Bullshit – Satirical Blog Rant
Sign on to get your fees paid
So, does the new tory policy of making young people work or train for benefits mean that ALL young people should sign on?
Mental Patience Please!
Does anyone know where I can buy a 'Mental Patient' outfit?
Is McBride a steaming turd?
Has Damian McBride fucked up the Labour Party Conference? Do we actually care?
High Speed my arse
The Labour Party Conference is great isn't it? It's one step forward (Balls makes a statement about HS2) then ten steps back (the rest of the party start to deny they want to scrap it).
Are They Lemmings? Yes They Are!
Techno FREAKS have been queuing to get their iPhone 5s and 5cs like a bunch of lemmings, or is that lemons?
Outrageous! KWIK FIT are getting paid £1600 for every young person on their traineeships by the government.
Here’s a great idea for the World Cup
Lets have it in Qatar! That will be a popular fucking place to have a sporting event.
Scots can go as far as I care
Let the Scots bugger off!
WOW, 5p bags win election for lib dems
What a bunch of twats the lib dems are. Free school meals and 5p for plastic bags. Is that it?
Fuck me! Cheryl Cole’s ass
She's got a fucking massive tattoo on her ass.
Rent arrears due to bedroom tax
See what we did here?
Shut up Paddy Ashdown
Will someone tell Paddy Ashdown to shut up.
Chris Evans Keeps on Shouting
'The bald bastard just shouts all the time'

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